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with Premier Proactive Services

The safety, security and privacy of your information and data are our number one priority.

secure by design

  • Data protection. Your assessment data is stored within a SQL Azure database unique to your account. This provides an increased level of security by isolating your data from others.
  • Safely handled. Your data is securely transferred from our RAP as a Service client via SSL. It is additionally encrypted during transmission to provide an even higher level of security. You may then view your data on the Premier Proactive Services website which also requires SSL.
  • Secure Development Lifecycle. Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle integrates security and privacy best practices into the software development process. This enables us to design and develop the platform with security as a constant focus.
  • Security reviews. Premier Proactive Services has undergone security reviews by both Microsoft internal security teams and third party security experts. We regularly re-assess our development processes and the platform to ensure we maintain the highest standards.


  • Restricted access. Access to your data is limited to only designated individuals that have an explicit need. You may request the removal of your data from the Premier Proactive Services platform at any time.
  • Protected. We will only use your data for the assessments you receive or related follow-on activities, such as periodic check-ups or additional Microsoft proactive services.
  • Privacy compliance. Premier Proactive Services has undergone internal privacy reviews to ensure it collects, stores and uses your data in compliance with Microsoft and internationally recognized privacy policies.